Pick Up Policy

When your order has been fulfilled and is ready for pick up you will receive notification via sms and or email. It is expected that you are wearing your mask at all times when coming to pick up from a House Of Trendz warehouse.
If you or anyone around you has been exposed to COVID-19, it is expected that you give notice and reschedule a time to pick up your package or have it arranged to be delivered to you. If you knowingly pick up a package and show signs of 
  • runny nose 
  • sneezing/coughing 
  • watery eyes/extremely irritated 
  • COVID-19 symptoms 
You will no longer be allowed to shop House Of Trendz. We do not tolerate putting our clients or employees at risk of being infected by COVID-19 by any means. Please be mindful of others and the folk you do business with. 
Mon-Fri: 6pm-9pm EST 
Sat-Sun: 9am-9pm EST
If you need to arrange for a earlier time for pickup/fulfillment please send us an email and or a DM on instagram. 
For more information on COVID-19 and places where you can get tested visit https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html 
Thank you,  
xo House Of Trendz